The Dachau Stone

Probably this will be of little interest to you, for it is posted here for one person with whom the composer Jett Hitt has lost contact. Unless you happen to be such a person, please go enjoy Jett Hitt and Colin Brien's music, and be sure to visit Jett Hitt's photo album of Yellowstone National Park. On the other hand, if you happen to be that person, this is for you.

A person dear to Jett's heart once gave him a stone which she had retrieved from the concentration camp at Dachau. Confronted with the horror that she encountered there, she took a stone and vowed to place it in the most beautiful place on earth as a sort of memoriam. Fearing that she could never accomplish the task, she entrusted the stone to Jett. He would like for her to know that he chose to place it in this waterfall so that 10,000 years of gushing water might wash away the sin. She would perhaps also appreciate knowing that he chose to place it at sunset. It was a stunning sunset, one so beautiful that he thought he had only seen One that compared, and that was in Utah. What he wouldn't give to see that One again. . . .nothing has been the same since.

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