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This is the official website for Jett Hitt's Yellowstone-music for violin and orchestra, which critics are calling "unashamedly romantic, with soaring violins." In addition to his Yellowstone music, our site also contains information about other works by Jett Hitt, including Doe-eyed and Prelude to Good-bye. We also publish the works of Colin Brien, Jett's premiere student. On our site you will find links to the scores and recordings of these composers, free MP3s and a breathtaking photo album of Yellowstone National Park, photographed by Jett Hitt.

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Fans at radio stations vote Yellowstone for Violin and Orchestra in the classical top 40. More info

Testimonials from fans of Yellowstone for Violin and Orchestra.

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Yellowstone for Violin and Orchestra reviewed by Music and Vision:

. . . full of the grandeur of the park . . . the music is unashamedly romantic, with soaring violin melodies . . . it would make a super score for some Spielberg cinematic blockbuster.

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